Thursday, November 10, 2005

French (Francophone) Cookery

Here's where you'll find recipes from France, Switzerland (Suisse Romande, the French-Speaking part) maybe Belgium and if I find any recipes from Senegal or French Guyana, you can bet they'll show up here too.

  1. Croquembouche

  2. Eggs Florentine

  3. Floating Islands - Oeufs a la Neige

  4. Oysters on the Half Shell

  5. Papet Vaudois With Saucisse au Chou and CĂ´tes de Bette

  6. Potage Parmentier / Vichyssoise (Recipes from Julia Child)

  7. Raclette

  8. Salmon Tar Tar

  9. Steak Tar Tar

  10. Stinging Nettle Soup

  11. Swiss Fondue/Fondue de Fromage

  12. Terrine de Lapin (Wild Hare Terrine)

  13. Tomato Concasse

  14. Tourte Milanese


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