Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Greek Recipes

  1. Greek Easter Roast Lamb I (the preparation)

  2. Greek Easter Roast Lamb II (roasting techniques)

  3. Greek Red Easter Eggs

  4. Horta (Wilted Wiled Field Greens With Lemon and Olive Oil)

  5. Hortopita

  6. Kadota Fig Preserves With Naranzes and Ginger

  7. Kritama Preserved in White Wine

  8. Melitsanosalata

  9. Olive al Forno aka Dry-Cured Pelion Olives

  10. Slow-Cooked Octopus in Tomato Sauce

  11. Spanakopita

  12. Taramasalata

  13. Tsoureki

  14. Wild Greek Blackberry Preserves

  15. Wilted Vlita Greens With Feta Cheese


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