Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanksgiving Antipasti II

I got the idea for this one from my in-laws who make a winter salad of the aforementioned 3 ingredients all in small pieces and tossed together. This version is a beautiful "salade composee" with a dramatic presentation on the table. "Sweet" gorgonzola or "gorgonzola dolce" is the less aged version of the gorgonzola we get imported to the States, that wonderful blue, crumbly stuff. The sweet version has a lot of the texture of a good, Brie with a mild, not pungent gorgonzola taste. YUM! In the U.S., I would substitute half gorgonzola and half mascarpone. It's not the same as the dolce but it's a great combination.

For 6 people:
2 large endive heads
4 ounces of "sweet" gorgonzola or a combination of crumbly gorgonzola and mascarpone
20 toasted walnut halves

Separate, wash and spin the endive leaves. You will have larger and smaller ones, of course. Begin with the large leaves. Place one tbsp of cheese on each leaf, top with one walnut half. Arrange the leaves, largest ones first on a large, round serving tray. Follow with the smaller ones. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


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