Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This recipe looks like it'll be great! I'll be making this for the first time tonight and storing the turkey roulade on the fridge until Thursday afternoon. This way, the Thanksgiving day preparation will be minimal: cooking the roulade and making the gravy. The recipe comes from Epicurious and I'm only going to change one thing: My turkey breast is skinless, so I bought strips of pancetta (actually regular, everyday bacon strips would do just fine) and will layer them over the roulade before baking to keep it moist and tender.

The recipe calls for "double butterflied turkey breast. You can do the double butterflying yourself if you don't have a butcher's help. First take off the skin if you have it. The idea is to make a long, flat rectangle out of a thick, roundish piece of meat. First place the breast flat on a cutting board and measure its height in three parts. Mine is 6 inches high so I will be cutting it into three 2-inch sections. I'll make the first horizontal cut at 2 inches from the top. I'll cut straight through leaving 2 inches intact on one edge. Do not cut all the way through! This will leave me with one part of the breast 2 inches thick and the other part, 4 inches. I'll then cut downward 2 inches from where I left off, and then slice horizontally from there leaving 2 inches on the edge intact. This opens up the 4 inch section into one long 2 inch section. This will leave me with the turkey breast 2 inches thick and opened up to three times as wide as it started out with three sections that could be folded back as if they were a business letter going into an envelope. Good luck! I've got me fingers crossed!


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