Friday, January 27, 2006

Let It Snow...

Buffalo, NY?; Minneapolis, MN?; Warsaw?, Moscow? Nope! This is a view from my front balcony in Milan, Italy! Last night’s news report stated that 30 centimeters (12 inches) of snow had fallen and the snow has continued to fall all day today. This hasn't happened in Milan for 20 years! The thing is that in Buffalo, Minneapolis and probably Warsaw and Moscow, they’re equipped to take the snow AWAY. Here, not so much. I trudged to an early-morning English class this morning and saw one poor lady scraping off the foot of snow from her car with a wooden spatula! Yes! She’s never had to think about having a car scraper. Shovels also seem to be scarce. The most worrying thing is that, to my knowledge, the city hasn’t cleaned any of the streets. Don’t know if they’re awaiting a shipment of snow trucks from the Dolomites or what, but this evening’s traffic jam is gonna be a doosie! (Actually, now, as of 11:16pm as I edit this, they've got the highways cleared. Still don't know where the fleet of snow plows came from.)
I think it’s time for some comfort food. Dinner tonight is this Epicurious recipe for Roast Pork With Cabbage and Caraway. I think the combination of pork, beer and caraway will be really warming and delicious. I'll let you know. I’m serving it over my standard polenta recipe. (After dinner: The roast turned out beautifully! The beer and molasses as braising liquid gave the sauce a lovely, bittersweet note.)


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