Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out on the Town in Milan

Last night, our houseguest, Marcy went out on the town with a young, hip Brazilian woman she'd met on the plane over here. We, of course, stayed home. While Marcy was sipping prosecco and munching on balsamic marinated fresh mozzarella and arugula-bresaola wraps, we were home working. As Marcy conversed in Portug-Eng-Italian with Alessandra, Cristiana, Paolo and Rino, I was e-mailing English grammar exercises to my Monday evening student. As Marcy danced 'til long after our bedtime, Gabriel was proofreading a neuroscience article for publication. Zzzzz! On one hand I think it's a little sad that we don't take advantage of the evidently great fashion jet set nightlife in Milan but on the other hand I just couldn't be bothered.

Somewhere very near here there are 16 year-old models sipping caipirinhas and dancing ‘til dawn. But, we've never seen this actually happen. Every once in a while I'll catch sight of a beautiful, tall, thin, young woman on the metro who has no make-up on, hair in a ponytail wearing jeans and gym shoes so doesn’t exactly look like a model and I’m left to wonder. One day as I was waiting for a friend in a downtown cafe, I overheard a conversation among 4 middle-aged heavy-set American ladies who I was sure were on vacation in Italy. They were talking about their hotel experiences and finding their way here when the daughter of one of them came out of the building next door. She was younger than the average beautiful girl on the metro. Then another daughter came out. I got a good look at this one. She was almost 6 feet tall and was wearing a miniskirt and very high heels. She looked about 17 until she reached her mom where the most incredible transformation happened right in front of my eyes! Her mom handed her a pair of tennis shoes and she quickly stepped into and out of the heels. Suddenly (maybe the change was also caused by the proximity to the parental unit) she looked about 12. All of the high heeled sophistication was gone and she seemed like a wholesome kid on vacation with her mom.


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