Friday, March 10, 2006

Calling All Recipes

So, at dinner on Tuesday night, 2 of our guests, Concetta and Claudio, said they would offer some of their favorite regional Italian recipes for the blog. Claudio is from Turin and Concetta is from Molise by way of Pisa, so I'm really looking forward to this. So guys, where are you?? I heard rumors of ravioli stuffed with escarole and a new way of doing bagna cauda.

Also a student of mine's mom, Mrs Busnelli makes the wickedest cookies and sends them along to the lab to feed the starving grad students. They're knot-shaped butter cookies and they're fabulous! The only thing is that her husband, Mr. Busnelli is a heart patient so it turns out these incredibly tasty butter cookies are low in cholesterol! I would have never known if Marco hadn't told me. I've been promised the recipe for these babies for weeks now and half suspect that Mrs. Busnelli is on her way to a patent with the Italian government instead. If she doesn't end up giving me the recipe, I hope she makes a million bucks selling them herself!


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