Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Garden Progress/Spring Is Here!

I now have my little 2nd grade science project going in our living room window. Every year for about a decade now I've put little plastic yogurt cups filled with dirt and eventually seedlings on the windowsill. Well so far I have 3 basils, 2 cilantros, 4 poblano peppers, 1 cuor di bue tomato, 1 dinosaur kale and 1 celery indoors by the window. Outside I have 2 big rectangular planters, 1 with parsley and 1 with a mixture of arugula and mache. So far only 1 thing has sprouted, the arugula. You wouldn't believe how exciting it is, though. I wake up in the morning and water everything and look at the sprouts and smile. I seem not to be the only one so easily amused. The book, "365 Days of Gardening" by Christine Allison contains almost 365 quotes about gardening, most of them attributed to famous writers and most of them about the wonderful feeling gardening can give you. My favorite is this: "A famous philosopher said that whenever he talked to another savant, he became convinced happiness was not possible for humans; when he talked to his gardener, he was sure it was".


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