Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Latino Noticias" on Piu Blu - Que Chevere!

Gabriel and I were having our prosciutto ravioli in bolognese sauce in the living room this afternoon while channel surfing. Same old goofy 1960s Italian movie re-runs and variety shows with bevys of bikini-clad "velline" but when we flipped to the channel "Piu Blu", suddenly somebody was speaking Spanish! We got news reports about Peruvian election participation, Ecuadoran anti-NAFTA activists,glaciers melting into the sea in the south of Argentina, Cuban doctors in Afghanistan, and even a Latin jazz musical interlude. Univision, it ain't, but you have no idea how happy this makes me! Before moving to Italy, I spoke Spanish fluently. I spoke it every day. Now maybe once every couple months if I'm lucky and my Spanish has morphed into an Italian/Spanish hybrid. I hope Piu Blu keeps up the "Latino Noticias" (despite the funky grammar of the title). Les prometo de ver el programa todos los dias!


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