Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Vegetables are so Beautiful!

This is some of what was at the market today. Coming from Chicago where spring-like weather lasts about 2 weeks I revel in the luxury of all things spring. These vegetables are: pre-cleaned artichokes, red "green" onions (I think they're called ramps), fresh fava beans in the pod, Roman puntarelle and Sicilian lemons. Well, o.k. the lemons are not strictly a spring thing. Reading the Becks and Posh blog, I found that the seemingly exotic puntarelle are actually available in California! So check out your grocery stores everybody, you might have something like this coming your way!

This is a bunch of puntarelle picked in its prime and ready to be pulled apart into its finger-like sections, each sliced really thin, submerged in ice water so they curl in to C-shapes and dressed with a garlic, anchovy, olive oil dressing. This New York Times article lays out a lot of the traditional cuisine of Rome including puntarelle. If you want to see what it looks like curled and in a salad, check out the Audio Slide Show.


Blogger Tracie P. said...

hey, you visited my site! thanks:) i told your friend on the other site (becks and somethingoranother) as well that i had this lovely little crunchy sweet/bitter veggie in Ischia the first time a couple of years ago. we ate it raw, of course with an improvised version of bagna cauda. it was one of the most pleasant raw veggies (for texture as well as flavor) that i have ever had. this year though, i haven't taken advantage yet. well, no time like the present...

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