Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our Non-Lamb Delicacies

Samuel's real vanilla bean panna cotta with berry coulis and Diane's chocolate/amaretto semifreddo. They were sooo delicious!

Here are Rita's chicken "Kokoretsi" and an appreciative Antoine gobbling up everything to the last drop.

"Thanks for the Kokoretsi, Rita!" Roquefort, Brie and Gruyere, Mmmm...

Michelle and Bertrand, our gracious hosts. Thank you both for such a lovely Easter!


Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Love the pictures, Susan and what a fine Easter you guys had! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, the food, the traditions - I have so enjoyed reading all about it. I am sure I am going to have visions of the lamb roast and the vanilla bean panna cotta with berry coulis for days to come! Yum!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Tracie B. said...

what can i say about all of that culinary beauty, except that i miss brie?!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Lotus, I've been having visions of the lamb every day since we brought home one of the legs. We've been having it for dinner every day. Today was the last. I have to say that tamarind/coconut chutney is about the best thing you can put on lamb.


Yeah. What's up with the no French cheese thing here? We're right next door fer chrissake! Michelle and Bertrand served us really good stuff too. I don't think I've ever had brie that good before.

10:19 PM  

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