Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Liberation Day, Italy!

April 25, 1945 was the day all of Italy was officially delivered from World War II and the clutches of Fascism. It's a national holiday in Italy, one that is celebrated in two ways. One, by official ceremonies honoring the wonderful old folks who fought Mussolini's rule as Partisans and the American and British forces who came to sweep the last enclaves of Nazi power away. Two, by street demonstrations decrying tyranny around the world today. Guess who they're mostly protesting against (Here's a hint, they rhyme with "Tush" and "Claire"). Needless to say, from many Italian perspectives, the U.S. and British governments had a much better reputation back then than they do now. Our soldiers in WWII were given a job to do that won them genuine and undying respect in Italy that you still feel today despite the fact that most Italians would like to sing to Tush and Claire "Bella Ciao".


Blogger ML said...

Happy Liberation Day!!!

9:14 PM  
Blogger hellomelissa said...

truly a day to celebrate. i know that tush and claire, um, leave something to be desired, but when i hear folks compare them to nazis, i hang my head. the atrocities of the nazis shouldn't be forgotten or compared with what is happening today.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Hi ML, Have a good one yourself!

HI Melissa, I agree. I doesn't help to make such facile and extreme comparisons. It alienates almost everybody. BTW, Who's doing that? Is this another trend I don't know about?

10:28 PM  
Blogger nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Hopefully our image will improve.

happy Liberation day.

10:42 PM  
Blogger hellomelissa said...

i cannot remember where i've heard that... perhaps hollywood celebs or that cindy sheehan? all i know is it made my blood B-O-I-L. don't quote me on this one. maybe google it.

the lamb stew was melt-in-the-mouth delectable. i used whole wheat couscous and cracked green mediterranean olives. no preserved lemons were to be found, so i added a liberal dose of lemon juice... essential for the best soups and stews.

will you post a wonderful rosemary recipe? i under-utilize my bounty of it here, and would love a fantastic way to prepare it.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

Happy Liberation Day back at ya.

A comment to hellomelissa:
First, I've heard the comparisons too, and they're very frustrating, even though I don't support Bush. Second, on a much sweeter note: roast carrots and parsnips with rosemary, olive oil, and if either vegetable isn't terribly sweet, a little honey. Add a little coarse salt, and you've got yourself a lovely side dish. There is something really special about the way rosemary tastes with parsnips.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Paz said...

Happy Liberation Day!


12:31 PM  
Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Hi Ragazza, I hope so too.

Hi Melissa, That sounds great! What's whole-wheat couscous like? I was planning to post on "aglione" soon. Itys a paste you can rub on roast (or grilled)meat or potatoes. I'll be doing it soon.

Hi Christine,

That combo sounds great, and with honey, mmm.

Hi Paz, Have a good one, yourself!

2:12 PM  
Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Happy Liberation Day, Susan! Guess what? I'm off to Chicago tomorrow...I will be at a conference and may not have a whole lot of time to try stuff, but if you can suggest a few Chicago specialties (food) I absolutely shouldn't miss, I will give it my best shot! Thank you!

3:13 PM  
Blogger Beenzzz said...

Happy Liberation Day to you!

4:24 PM  
Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Hi Lotus, Ooh! I hope you have a great time! Street food: Italian Beef sandwich (ask for it "wet" and they'll dip the whole thing in the juice - highly recommended), Maxwell Street Polish sausage sandwich with mustard and grilled onions, anything from the roaming street vendors in Mexican neighborhoods. Devon Avenue to eat what I think is great Indian and Pakistani food (and see Indians and Pakistanis living in peace - pretty cool)

For fancier places, I recommend Topolobampo or Frontera Grill for high end Mexican, and if you can get in, Charlie Trotter's for the French/Asian fusion meal of your life. Lemme think a little more and I'll e-mail you if I come up with something.

Hiya Beenzzz, Have a good Liberation Day too!

5:07 PM  
Blogger hellomelissa said...

susan-- thanks in advance for the spice rub recipe!

and thanks to christina for the excellent carrots idea. i'm no bush fan myself, but cannot compare anything in our world situation now to the holocaust. *shudder*

12:28 AM  
Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Susan, thank you for the wonderful,wonderful recommendations! You are the best! I am so sorry but I didn't see this post before I left! *sob,sob*

My hotel was in Greek Town and because I didn't have transport I had to eat Greek food for b'fast, lunch and dinner...truly, I am up to my neck in gyros! lol

I am going to take a print out of your recommendations and will definitely try some the next time I'm in Chicago which will be soon, hopefully!

Thanks again, Susan!

1:33 AM  

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